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This. Is. Glorious.

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Reading it feels almost voyeuristic — like you managed to get your hands on the diary of a depressed teenager who is also an undiscovered feminist genius.
Rocking my new adventure time tee.

Rocking my new adventure time tee.


I aspire to be as chill as Finn and Jake.

Lettuce finally!

Lettuce finally!

First drink of the weekend.

First drink of the weekend.

A Tired Rant About "Female" Writers



I have seen this list of 21 women authors you “should be reading,” passed around. I have thoughts about the composition of the list, though I am thrilled to see Elliott Holt named because I loved her debut novel last year.

No two lists will ever be the same and this list at least makes an…

"It is exhausting that we are still trying to convince a certain segment of the population that women are equal to men, that women deserve respect and fair consideration in all professional and creative and personal realms. It is especially frustrating in the literary community, because I am part of this community. These are my people, or at least, that’s what I would hope."

Yes. This.